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Nike AIr Max Big Logo Pack

Posted by Brandon Ford on

We live in an era filled with innovation and technology. More efficient materials and groundbreaking designs help catapult sneaker culture into a new dimension. With that being said, it's easy to forget the classics of yesteryear. Nike has a tendency to bring back some of their most iconic silhouettes but they're not always sought over. Often times vintage releases depend on subtle changes to muster the attention of a newer generation. The Nike Air Max Big Logo Pack is the epitome of this concept. We're proud to announce that 2/3 of the collection have a confirmed stateside release. The Nike Air Max 95 NS GPX and the Nike Air Max 90 NS GPX will release tomorrow, November 10th for $180 and $150 respectively. Unfortunately, The Nike Air Max Plus TM released overseas on November 1st but is yet to receive a stateside release. Here's a look at what to expect below tomorrow! 

SNEAKER: Nike Air Max 95 NS GPX

PRICE: $180 

SNEAKER: Nike Air Max 90 NS GPX 

PRICE: $150 

Subtle, yet legendary. Never before has the Swoosh so blatantly branded their runners. Is this a hit or a miss for you? It'll be interesting to see how quickly or slowly these leave retailers. One thing's for sure, you'd better have a cleaning kit to protect those precious leather/nubuck overlays. Tweet us some pics if you cop a pair! 



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