Mark Wahlberg's Sneaker Collection

Marky Mark aka Mark Wahlberg is one of Hollywood's biggest names. That's not the only big thing he possess, we're talking about his sneaker collection. Sneaker data site, Campless got a chance to dive into Wahlberg's collection. Using eBay average prices, the site was able to generate a value that topples 100,000. Wahlberg rocks his shoes too.

Most recently, Wahlberg picked up a pair of Eminem X Carhartt Jordan IVs. Remember, only 10 pairs were auctioned off and those sold for an average of $22,755. Mark is a special case; he even has Walburger PEs and Entourage shoes (TV show's executive producer). Campless also put together a chart of Wahlberg's most expensive un-released shoes which range from Jordans, BBCs, adidas, and even Reeboks:

Of course this isn't amazing since the man is worth $200 million but it's always fun to see the collection of a sneaker enthusiast and Mark is a real sneakerfan. In case you were wondering what else Mark has to rock, Campless has created a profile for the actor.

Check out the gallery below of Mark rocking kicks (Judging by the size of his baggy jeans, he rocks the Jordans like an OG):

Nate Robinson takes a break from game action to talk kicks with Mark in the Oregon Duck Vs.

On a Hollywood set, Mark takes a break from the scenes in his Jordan Hydro slides.

Once again at the Lakers game, Mark is seen cuortside with the family. If he's getting Jordans, so are the kids.

On the red carpet, Marky Mark takes the ever so classic, Concord Jordan XIs with him to finish the fit.

Fitted with a matching Flight crewneck sweater, Mark strolls through the airport in the White Cement 3s.