New Reshoevn8r Product: Defender Water and Stain Repellent

Reshoevn8r's latest and greatest creation is the Defender. Simply put, the product is created to repel water, dirt, and stains. Like hair spray or a spray paint can, the product is propelled through pressure from the valve.


In order to use it effectively, make sure to clean the shoes with the Reshoevn8r cleaning solutions. While the shoes are completely clean, then use the Defender spray to protect the shoes for future adventures.

We originally teased and debuted the idea of dropping the repellant product a few months ago. Now, the product is available for purchase through the Reshoevn8r webstore.

The 10 oz spray is nearly 40% more than the similiar productso n the market. For a limited time, the product can be purchased with 25% off the original retail price of $19.98.

Find us our booth at sneaker events and ask to see the product in action. From sauce to water, the Defender works wonders to protect your on-feet investments.