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How to Clean Off-White Vapormax

Posted by Erin Shoffer on

Off-White is synonymous with hype in the sneaker industry. So, if you were one of the lucky ones to cop a pair of the Off-White Vapormax's, make sure you keep them looking out-of-the-box fresh with these few simple steps. 

- Remove the laces and set aside to clean later. Then take your shoe tree and insert in the sneaker. This will give you a better surface to apply more pressure while you are cleaning your shoes, since the OW Vapormax are a light material. 

How to Clean Off White Vapormax

- Using an all-natural, dye free cleaner, add a small amount to a bowl filled with warm water. (Many shoe cleaners on the market are known to stain shoes due to dye or chemicals, we recommend using this sneaker cleaner.)

- In order to mix the solution, take a delicate brush (it is important to use a brush with soft bristles on any knitted materials) and lightly stir the solution using the bristles.

- Once mixed, you can apply the solution to the Vapormax using the soft brush in circular motions over the entire uppers.

How to Clean Off White Vapormax

- After using the delicate brush to lather the entire upper of the shoe. You can gently go back over the shoe using a brush with slightly stiffer bristles (we like this medium bristle brush.) Using the stiffer bristles helps remove some more stubborn stains.

- If the medium bristle brush can’t remove all the stains, you can use a microfiber towel and dip a corner into the solution mixture and buff out the stain with your finger.

How to Clean Off White Vapormax

- Once the entire upper has been cleaned, you can move onto the soles, cleaning them with a  stiff brush. The soles are likely to have the most dirt and grime, and you need to use a brush that has tough bristles to get the rubber really clean.

- The final step of the pretreatment is to take the shoe laces that you set aside and dunk them in the remaining solution mixture and lather by rubbing them in between your hands.

- When the entire shoe has been pretreated you can use a microfiber towel and pat the entire shoe down. This way you can check to see where you should go back and reclean. If the shoe is up to your standards you can then, place them into a laundry bag (make sure they go in soles touching, facing the opposite direction.) Then place the sneakers into a top load washer and using dye and alcohol-free detergent to clean your Off-White’s in cold water with a normal cycle. (This step is necessary for knitted shoes, because it helps remove deep trapped dirt.)

- Lastly, remove your shoe from the washer and let air dry. NEVER use a dryer to dry your shoes!

How to Clean Off White Vapormax

Check out the whole video here: 

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July Employee of the Month: Quinn

Posted by Erin Shoffer on

Reshoevn8r Employee of the Month 

Quinn is one of the few employees at the Reshoevn8r office that hasn’t been seen on camera but doesn’t mean he isn’t there. Those weekly Monday videos with Vick that you all love so much – Quinn is the force behind their consistent uploads. He brings organization to the quickly changing world that is e-commerce. Quinn has a diverse intellectual background including marketing and personal creative endeavors. Having this spectrum of knowledge, allows Quinn to assist each member of the team, whether on the operations side or the creative side. His welcoming and open personality makes him a kind leader and his experience makes him a helpful leader. Reshoevn8r wouldn’t be as strong as we are without Quinn as our Marketing Director. We are lucky to have him on board!

Quinn’s Favorite Sneaker:  Air Jordan 6 “Black Infared”
Quinn’s Favorite Reshoevn8r Memory: Bunking up with Vick at my first Sneaker Con in San Francisco
 Why Quinn’s Co-Workers Nominated Him:
 “Always willing to help.”
“Great personality and it is easy to ask him for help.”
“He passion for his work and the brand is contagious.”
“The company is more organized because of him.”
“He has helped improve the overall culture of Reshoevn8r.”
“He expects a lot out of the whole team, which pushes us to live up to his expectations.”
“We have collectively leveled up since Quinn has arrived.”
Thank you Quinn for being a part of our team! 
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Kobe Bryant Gifts Tony Allen With Shoes and Special Message

Posted by Steven Quach on

Kobe's final season has truly been a farewell tour. Not only has he received gifts, video tributes, warmth, and respect, Kobe has been giving gifts too. He's been giving away his personal (includes unrelease colorways) to his opponents with autographs and messages. The list includes:

LeBron James

Draymond Green

Paul George

Norris Cole

With Kobe playing for such a long period, a lot of younger players idolized Kobe growing up. 

Tony Allen probably did not. Kobe Bryant and Allen are completely different. Outside of the fact that both are NBA players with NBA championships, they couldn't be further apart. One player has won five rings for the Los Angeles Lakers, the other, one for the Boston Celtics. Kobe is known for his offensive prowess, Allen is known for his defensive intensity.

Allen has played and rivaled Kobe since he was drafted in 2004 by the Boston Celtics. The two didn't play in the latest matchup between the Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies but Kobe made sure to get the shoes into Allen's possession. The message is nothing but a sign of respect. The right bares the inscription "To Tony, the best defender I ever faced!"

The Black Mamba has always been known for his work ethic and shows respect whenever it is earned. Defense is often the nitty gritty and under-appreciated side of basketball. A basketball mind like Kobe respects all forms of the game and in his final season, isn't afraid to admit it.

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Nick Young Speaks Out on Nike

Posted by Steven Quach on

Nick Young has been quiet this season; he's been riding the pine with the second worst team in the league. Although his numbers took a hit, he still managed to grab a new sneaker deal.

After his deal expired and before signing with his current brand, he entered "sneaker free agency." During that time, Swaggy P chose to rock anything and everything. From Filas to Jordans, Young put the entire collection on display. Young ended up signing with the Three Stripes and quickly displayed his new kicks.

He even took the liberty to wear the adidas Yeezy 750 Boosts in game. Well, he did get name dropped by Kanye in Facts ("James Harden, Swaggy P runnin' up the budget.")

With his history of rocking Air Jordans and Nikes, many wondered why Young was so eager to leave. In an interview with Sole Collector, Young spilled the beans on Nike's operations:

“Nike is really only three people. Kobe, Durant, and LeBron. I like the concept of how adidas adds everybody in their shoe commercial. The way adidas is going and the waves they’ve got, I was getting on board.”

Well, you truly can't blame Nike for focusing on their big dogs. Kobe, Bron, and KD have been the moneymakers for the Swoosh with their signature lines.

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5 Best Sneaker Releases of February 2016

Posted by Steven Quach on

The NBA brought the All-Star festivities as Toronto played host to a successful week. With the All-Star weekend, so did the themed kicks. Only one new release made our list of top sneaker releases of February. Jordan Brand brought some heat for the month while Reebok brought back an oldie but a goodie. 

5. Air Jordan XII "The Master"

Based on the retro card, these Air Jordans brought a classic feel to the 12s.  Everyone claimed that hyped carried the Jordan X Black OVO. This is practically an all black version of the 12s. Who would've known? Looks like there's more than just hype to these recent Jordan drops.

4. Under Armour Curry Two "All-Star"

Under Armour and Stephen Curry topped last year's colors with this one. Another simple colorway, the all white upper is contrasted with a golden touches on the logos and branding while red accents are on display to match the Western Conference's color.

3. adidas Ultra Boost x Wood Wood

The Wood Wood collaboration with adidas brought a new look to the shoe. The black pair is the men's pair and the white one is the women's. The white pair actually looks like a pair of Nike Lunarfly 306 or Sock Darts with the strap. The black pair, well who can argue with something so sweet?

2. Reebok Question Mid "Unworn"

Going for a bolder look, the Reebok Question Mid brings back the "Unworn" colorway. Modeled after the Golden State Warriors (hosting city of the 2000 NBA All-Star Game), these never made it to the court, hence the name. Reebok chose to drop this colorway after the ASG.

1. Air Jordan 4 'White Cement'

We've seen Nike Air on the Maroon 6s and now its back on the Air Jordan 4. Looking like the 99' release, the White Cements were the hottest drop of the month. A classic look, brought back, and sold out as expect.

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