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An Open Letter to our Customers | Reshoevn8r

Posted by Erin Shoffer on

As Reshoevn8r Day is happening, now seems like a good time to reflect on all we have accomplished in the last 8 years, and all we have yet to accomplish. This year has been a big year for us as a company. Our team has grown significantly, and this expansion wouldn’t be possible without all of our customers. We created Reshoevn8r Day as a way for us to thank you.

To those of you who have been there since the beginning, those who gave us a chance when you just weren’t getting your shoes clean enough, and those of you who are just beginning your sneaker collections - You are the force behind all the exciting changes we are able to dream and achieve and we wouldn’t be here today without all of your support.

When we first began Reshoevn8r in a hot Arizona garage, I knew that there was a place for Reshoevn8r in the world. And I want to thank everyone who was there through those beginning years. If we hadn’t had that foundation of dedication from you all – Reshoevn8r would not have seen the success it has.

It is difficult for me to put into words how momentous of an occasion this is to me. To see a company that was created in a small town in Arizona become a global brand is a humbling experience. So, thank you to all the fans who support us from every inch of the globe. To the customers in Asia, who have been strong supporters to the customers in the UK, all over Europe, Australia, and everywhere outside the US – we see you all and thank you.

Within the next year you will see some exciting changes with Reshoevn8r. Every single change we make is dedicated to you. To serve you the BEST sneaker cleaning products and to give you the BEST customer service possible.  Lastly, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing Reshoevn8r as your sneaker cleaner – and more than that thank you for letting a little piece of me into your life.

Thank you,


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July Employee of the Month: Quinn

Posted by Erin Shoffer on

Reshoevn8r Employee of the Month 

Quinn is one of the few employees at the Reshoevn8r office that hasn’t been seen on camera but doesn’t mean he isn’t there. Those weekly Monday videos with Vick that you all love so much – Quinn is the force behind their consistent uploads. He brings organization to the quickly changing world that is e-commerce. Quinn has a diverse intellectual background including marketing and personal creative endeavors. Having this spectrum of knowledge, allows Quinn to assist each member of the team, whether on the operations side or the creative side. His welcoming and open personality makes him a kind leader and his experience makes him a helpful leader. Reshoevn8r wouldn’t be as strong as we are without Quinn as our Marketing Director. We are lucky to have him on board!

Quinn’s Favorite Sneaker:  Air Jordan 6 “Black Infared”
Quinn’s Favorite Reshoevn8r Memory: Bunking up with Vick at my first Sneaker Con in San Francisco
 Why Quinn’s Co-Workers Nominated Him:
 “Always willing to help.”
“Great personality and it is easy to ask him for help.”
“He passion for his work and the brand is contagious.”
“The company is more organized because of him.”
“He has helped improve the overall culture of Reshoevn8r.”
“He expects a lot out of the whole team, which pushes us to live up to his expectations.”
“We have collectively leveled up since Quinn has arrived.”
Thank you Quinn for being a part of our team! 
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Phoenix E-commerce Company Volunteers at Halo Animal Rescue | Reshoevn8r

Posted by Erin Shoffer on

Reshoevn8r Team at Halo Animal Rescue

Here at Reshoevn8r, company culture is very important to us. In a small company, every team member is vital to not only their position but to the overall mood of the company. To assist with making Reshoevn8r the most positive work environment as possible, sometimes we all need a morning away from the office. What better place to go then Halo Animal Rescue?

Over the past few months, the Reshoevn8r team has visited Halo two times. Both times, we all left feeling, happier (because puppies), more bonded (you can’t shovel dog poop with someone and not have a moment), and tired (keeping up a dog shelter is lots of work).

Not only is volunteering a great team building exercise, it is a way for us to give back to the community that shaped us.  Reshoevn8r was founded in Arizona, and that is where our headquarters remains today! We are very thankful that we are able to expand to be the global sneaker cleaner, but every story begins somewhere and for us that is Arizona.

And you can help too!

  • Check out your local animal shelter and see what supplies they need. Often it is just old blankets and toys for the animals to snuggle with.
  • Gather some friends to go and volunteer together!
  • Adopt don’t shop!
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June Employee of the Month: Jonny

Posted by Erin Shoffer on

Reshoevn8r Jonny Bubbles


You all may know Jonny as the happy and GIF-able Jonny Bubbles from our cleaning videos, but here at Reshoevn8r we appreciate him for much more. He is the “Huddle Leader” and every morning starts the team’s day with an energizing ice breaker and motivational attitude. Although officially, Jonny is Reshoevn8r’s Operations Manager – aka “Are you happy you got your product?”, thank Jonny!  He makes sure that every item with the Reshoevn8r label on it, makes it from our warehouse to your home to enjoy. That is a pretty big deal! Going above and beyond his job description Jonny also assists with our customer service training (he is the resident “nice guy”) and brings joy and positivity to the entire office! We are thrilled to have Jonny as a part of our Reshoevn8r family!  

Jonny’s Favorite Sneaker:  Air Jordan 4 Bred ‘99
Jonny’s Favorite Reshoevn8r Memory: Placing his first order as a customer of Reshoevn8r for a Sneaker Laundry System and Steve sending him a 2 Shoe Laundry System because he was local.
 Why Jonny’s Co-Workers Nominated Him:
 “Stays late and comes in early to make sure everything is taken care of”
“His positive attitude is pleasant and enjoyable to be around”
“He is an incredibly hard worker and is passionate about this company”
“He is willing to lend a hand, and help with whatever is necessary”
“Jonny is the heart of the company”
“He is invested in the growth of his teammates”  
Thank you Jonny Bubbles for being a part of our team! 
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Air Jordan 10 Shanghai

Posted by Katie Danzer on

The Air Jordan 10 City Pack continues to go international with another overseas inspired release. We now have images of the upcoming Shanghai makeover. Having recently received a detailed look at the London iteration, the sneaker world is eager for this Asian themed iteration to drop.


Should we expect a plethora of International inspired releases? Thus far the Air Jordan 10 has been receiving love from all angles. It’s likely after this run we won’t see much of this silhouette for awhile. At this point, there’s no exact release date for the Air Jordan 10 Shanghai. However, they’re rumored to drop late next month.


Based upon images, we can identify the sneaker’s composition. Black, tumbled leather is used across the upper. The Air Jordan 10 City Pack Shanghai features the letters HAI on the ankle. Ironically, nobody uses this abbreviation to identify this city. Gamma Blue and Fierce Purple make for an eye-catching contrast against the black base. The theme is, “Feng Shui”, or finding harmony in the surrounding environment. Once again expect these to drop next month at select Jordan Brand retailers.

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