September Employee of the Month: Lindsey

Reshoevn8r Employee of the Month

“Hello, Reshoevn8r. This is Lindsey! How may I help you?” Any time you call Reshoevn8r odds are this is what you hear, a friendly greeting from our customer service representative – Lindsey. Here at Reshoevn8r one of our core values is to be devoted to our customers, and no one person lives and breathes that more than Lindsey. She is currently the one-woman job, handling every customer concern with care, compassion and a solution. Around the office, she is also the first face we see every morning. She greets us all with a smile and a peppy, “Good morning!” inspiring us all to make it a great day. Without Lindsey, our office would have a lot less laughs and our company’s values would be left unfulfilled. She is Reshoevn8r’s positivity and spirit and we are so grateful to have her apart of our team!


Lindsey’s Favorite Sneaker:  Ultra Boosts (the cute ones)
Lindsey’s Favorite Reshoevn8r Memory: The Scavenger Hunt, where we searched around the office for clues.
Lindsey’s Favorite Product: “Definitely the Advanced Shoe Cleaner/Conditioner/Solution because it is the foundation of the whole system. It is the true “miracle worker” and I don’t think any of the other products would be as effective without it.”
 Why Lindsey’s Co-Workers Nominated Her:
 “Handles every situation with patience, politeness, and a smile.”
“Always brings a positive energy into the workplace.”
“She is a pleasure to work with.”
“She takes the initiative to improve her customer service skills.”
“She comes to training ready to learn.”
“Her positivity is contagious.”
Thank you, Lindsey, for being a part of our team!