Reshoevn8r Jr Kids Sneaker Laundry System

Don't Forget about the kids! In recent years, some of the culture's most coved sneakers have been releasing in kids sizes in addition to adult sizes. In fact, some of us larger foot folks are a bit jealous that we can't squeeze into some of those youth exclusive offerings! Who would've thought having a size 5 would be more than just cost efficient? Here at Reshoevn8r, we haven't forgotten about the kids either. We're proud to announce the Reshoevn9r Jr Kids Sneaker Laundry System.  At this point, there's officially no excuse for the youth to be rocking grass stained kicks. The wait is finally over!

This kit includes our All-Purpose Brush, a 4oz bottle of our 100% all-natural Advanced Shoe Cleaner/Conditioner, our Patented Sneaker Laundry Bag and 1 pair of Adjustable Shoe Trees to help eliminate creasing while maintaining the original form. How convenient is it to be able to toss those filthy kicks directly into the washer?! Just be sure to brush and remove excess dirt before placing them in the laundry bag. You may even want to try Reshoevn8r's Shoe Disinfectant for extra freshness. Just keep in mind that the shoe trees fit a size 4 Youth to a size 9 in Women's. The process is EXACTLY the same, just on a much smaller scale. Grab a Reshoevn8r Jr Kids Sneaker Laundry System for $29.98 today! DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE KIDS!