Meet Unbreakable Kicks

Where are you from and where do you live currently?

I was born and raised on the Eastside of Chicago and I currently live in Suburban Chicago

What was the first pair of sneakers you ever had?

First pair of sneakers I ever had to my knowledge, was the Charcoal 7s aka Raptor 7s in 1992.

What got you into sneakers?

My best friend GreediPhresh actually got me into sneakers and buying them.

What is the most you spent on a sneaker?

Currently, it's the Jordan 3 Michigan PE which cost $3,500 but I am currently working on something bigger!

What is the dirtiest shoe you own?

It would have to be the Jordan 7 Bordeaux 2011.

What sneaker brand is your favorite and why?

Favorite sneaker brand is Jordan Brand hands down because Jordan helped innovate the sneaker community and has been going strong since 1984.

What's is your favorite "YouTuber/Instagramer" to follow?

My favorite IG to follow is Zsneakerhead.

Any upcoming events, collaborations coming up that you want the people to know about?

You can catch me at all SneakerCon events

What is your favorite Reshoevn8r product and why?

My favorite is the Water+Stain Repellent, because it keeps my shoes A1!