Meet HesKicks

Where are you from and where do you live currently?

Born in Korea, raised in Oregon where I still live.

What was the first pair of sneakers you ever had?

Payless knockoff Jordan gang right here.  First Jordans I bought with my own money was the Air Jordan 14.

What got you into sneakers?

Played basketball growing up! Also living near Beaverton OR helped a ton.

What is the most you spent on a sneaker?

$1400 for EU Air Jordan 1 x Off-White Samples. The sample I have is like the original one that Virgil was going to drop before it was scrapped, the wings and Nike logo on the tongue are different than the standard pair.

What is the dirtiest shoe you own?

I try to keep em clean with Reshoevn8r! But I do have a garage full of beaters, so many of them are dirty.

What sneaker brand is your favorite and why?

Nike has been my bread and butter from day 1, and Jordans got me collecting sneakers.  I love Adidas however too. Those are my top 3 usually.

What's is your favorite "youtube/IG" to follow?

I like @jennizerr for quality sneaker pics and @reconbeatlab for cool professional customs on IG.  I don't watch a lot of Youtube content for sneakers TBH just limited on time.

Any upcoming events, collaborations coming up that you want the people to know about?

N/A just creating vids every week on !

What is your favorite Reshoevn8r product and why?

3 Brush Laundry System is the best on the market IMO!  love the versatility and deep clean that it offers. Paired with the laundry detergent, and I am all set!