July Employee of the Month: Quinn

Reshoevn8r Employee of the Month 

Quinn is one of the few employees at the Reshoevn8r office that hasn’t been seen on camera but doesn’t mean he isn’t there. Those weekly Monday videos with Vick that you all love so much – Quinn is the force behind their consistent uploads. He brings organization to the quickly changing world that is e-commerce. Quinn has a diverse intellectual background including marketing and personal creative endeavors. Having this spectrum of knowledge, allows Quinn to assist each member of the team, whether on the operations side or the creative side. His welcoming and open personality makes him a kind leader and his experience makes him a helpful leader. Reshoevn8r wouldn’t be as strong as we are without Quinn as our Marketing Director. We are lucky to have him on board!

Quinn’s Favorite Sneaker:  Air Jordan 6 “Black Infared”
Quinn’s Favorite Reshoevn8r Memory: Bunking up with Vick at my first Sneaker Con in San Francisco
 Why Quinn’s Co-Workers Nominated Him:
 “Always willing to help.”
“Great personality and it is easy to ask him for help.”
“He passion for his work and the brand is contagious.”
“The company is more organized because of him.”
“He has helped improve the overall culture of Reshoevn8r.”
“He expects a lot out of the whole team, which pushes us to live up to his expectations.”
“We have collectively leveled up since Quinn has arrived.”
Thank you Quinn for being a part of our team!