How to Wash Your Shoes in the Washing Machine?

We frequently get asked about how our patented Laundry System works. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers:

How many shoes can be washed at once?

You can typically wash 2-3 pairs of shoes at a time, depending on the size of your washing machine. Make sure each pair of shoes is in its own laundry bag, and add an additional amount of Laundry Detergent per pair (read all detergent labels.) If you are washing shoes that are different colors, or heavily dyed we recommend washing separately.

What washer to use?

We recommend using a top load washer when washing shoes due to the weight of shoes. When they are in a front load washer, they usually don’t end up getting a full spin; and just sit at the bottom of the machine, which can cause discoloration or mold.

What settings to use on the washer?

Every washer is different, but we recommend using a full spin cycle to fully irrigate the shoes. Also, we recommend using cold water as to not shrink the shoes.

What shoes can’t go into the washer?

We don’t recommend putting heavily dyed suede or nubuck shoes in the washer, as they may bleed. In addition, printed canvas shoes, such as Vans, may smear in when wet, therefore we don't recommend cleaning those. Also, if a shoe is over 10 years old, you may see some sole separation if you choose to put them in the washer. For best results please contact our team, to ensure the shoe should go in the washer. 

Do you keep the shoe trees in while washing?

Yes! It helps keep the shoes shape while cleaning and also helps remove creasing on most shoes. (We recommend these plastic shoe trees, as metal can rust, and wood can warp when wet.)

Why do you need a laundry bag?

To protect your shoes. With the rough edges and holes found in most washing machines, the laundry bag keeps your shoes from flying around the barrel and getting snagged or damaged.

How do you dry your shoes?

We recommend air drying your shoes. Never put shoes in the dryer for risk of damage. Also, make sure to remove promptly from the washer for best results!