How to Apply Sole Shields on Concord 11s

Are you tired of your favorite shoe yellowing? Get annoyed every time you step outside and it seems like you get a million stains on your soles? Protect your favorite sneakers with Sole Shields.


*Before applying Sole Shields, if the shoes have been worn we recommend cleaning them first with our 4 oz 3 Brush Kit. This will allow the Sole Shields to adhere better to the shoe, in addition to prevent trapping of dirt and grime under the Sole Shield. 

1. Remove the Sole Shields from the sleeves and place them in front of you, glossy side down.

2. Take the shoe and place it on top of the matte side of the Sole Shield.

How to apply Sole Shields on Concord 11s

3. Using a marker, carefully outline the shoe onto the Sole Shield.

4. Once the shoe has been traced, cut out around the outline. 

How to apply Sole Shields on Concord 11s

5. Take the alcohol prep pad (included in package) and wipe down the shoe to prep for optimal adhesion.

6. Holding the shoe steady, peel the Sole Shield from it’s backing. Starting at the heel of the shoe place the Sole Shield down on the shoe.

How to apply Sole Shields on Concord 11s

7. Once the Sole Shield is in place, use your thumb and apply pressure onto the sole. Make sure to press the Sole Shield down, not drag your hand across for fear of tears.

8. After pressure has been applied, take a heat gun (we do not recommend a blow dryer as it does not emit enough heat) and a microfiber towel wrapped around your finger and continue to apply pressure while heating the Sole Shield. Make sure not to apply too much heat in one place for an extended period of time as it can damage the Sole Shield and/or the shoe.

How to apply Sole Shields on Concord 11s

9. Now that the Sole Shield is applied you can take the traction pads (included in pack) and remove them from their backing, applying on the front and back of the shoe.

How to apply Sole Shields on Concord 11s

And if you want to watch as you go along with all the steps, watch this: