A Sneaker Tribute to Las Vegas

Here at Reshoevn8r, our hearts go out to the victims of the recent Las Vegas attack. How many more senseless shootings will our country be forced to endure? A city that’s synonymous with good vibes and entertainment has been stifled by this historic tragedy. Let's work to eliminate this negative stigma by reflecting on the brighter aspects of Sin City. Here are four offerings from Saucony that closely aline with the city's rich culture.   

SNEAKERFeature x Saucony G9 Shadow 6  High Roller

RELEASE: 12/19/14

RETAIL: $140

SNEAKERFeature x Saucony G9 Shadow 6 The Barney

RELEASE: 1/31/15

RETAIL: $140


SNEAKERFeature x Saucony G9 Shadow 5 The Pumpkin

RELEASE: 3/7/15

RETAIL: $140

SNEAKERSaucony Grid SD x Packer x Just Blaze “ Casino”

RELEASE: 10/16/15

RETAIL: $225

Does this seem more like the Las Vegas you remember? It's important that we embrace the positive moments in life and live every day to the fullest! Taking inspiration from some of the greatest casinos in the world was an ingenious move by Saucony. Will more premier sneaker brands follow this trend? Stay fly and keep those kicks crispy! 


Photo Courtesy: HB/NK/SBD