Clippers Unveil New Mascot, Joins List of Worst NBA Mascots

Some NBA mascots are awesome and complete the in-arena experience. The list includes Benny the Bull and the Phoenix Sun’s, The Gorilla.

On the other hand, some are just hideous! Apparently, the Los Angeles Clippers felt that their selfies (photos of the team to cover up the Los Angeles Lakers’ championship banners) weren’t enough, the chose to adopt a mascot.

Unveiling Chuck the Condor against the Brooklyn Nets, the Clippers also attempted to gain fans as they gaveaway nearly 20,000 red Converse Chuck Taylor highs. They are the same shoes that the mascot wears.

Don't get us wrong, we enjoy the mascots that entertain the children as we enjoy the game but sometimes they make very little sense and they're hideous! We thought of the worst mascots from the NBA and came up with this hilarious list:

5. Stuff the Magic Dragon

He looks like a rejected version of a Sesame Street character. He got some cool points as he rode that hoverboard thing while Aaron Gordon dunked over and around the mascot.

4. G-Wiz

Sorry dude, you went for Cookie Monster and didn't quite get there. 

3 Mavs Man

Alright, this guy was quite random.  The Dallas Mavericks can be tied into cowboys and horses (Texas) and this is what they came up with? It's not November but I'm thankful I'm not a Mavs fan.

1B. Pierre the Pelican

Who allowed this mascot to come to life? This was horrifying for children and adults! Thankfully, the team made some adjustments and the new mascot looks a little better. Well, can you blame them? The team is called the Pelicans.

1A. King Cake Baby

The team is so awesome (sarcasm), that they received both top spots. The people's faces truly describe the situation. Strange and terrifying.

How to Be Cool?

Emulate Hugo the Hornet. Luckily for him, he gets custom Air Jordans (Michael Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets) and laced the mascot up with his own concord Jordan XIs: