Best NBA All-Star Jerseys of All Time

With the NBA All-Star break coming, the main event has brought some interesing looks to the court. This year, Toronto chose to honor itself, the site of the NBA's first game. On a side note, that KIA logo is quite disturbing. The look is so simple, it made us think back and enjoy the past creations. Anything beats the 2014 All-Star jerseys that feature the sleeves.


5. 2007 All-Star Game | Las Vegas

This jersey just looks like Las Vegas. Although its a toned down version of Sin City, the cursive of the font makes all the difference.

4. 2012 All-Star Game | Orlando

2012 brought the Nike Galaxy Collection. The festivities were hosted in Orlando and going with the Magic theme, the skies were the limit. These were futuristic yet somehow pleasing.

3. 1994 All-Star Game | Minneapolis

This look screams early 90s. The star graphic probably looked super futuristic then (outdated, now) but they're genuinely awesome. Still popular today to bring back that vintage sportswear look.

2. 1996 All-Star Game | San Antonio

This one was truly strange but intriguing. The jerseys featured a turquoise uniform for the East and both teams got a funky looking chili pepper on the front.

1. 2003 All-Star Game | Atlanta

Bringing back a classic, these jerseys were based on the ones from the late 80s. This game brought a baggy look to match the times (baggy clothing era).