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The Power of Partnerships

Posted by Katie Danzer on

 Although the year isn't’ over, it's safe to say 2015 has been all about merging ideas. In order to stay relevant, you’ve got to have the best on your side. This concept can be applied to nearly every aspect of life, including sneakers. Considering the increased likelihood for success through collaborations it makes since we see so many in the sneaker game. Whether we choose to accept it or not brands have a direct impact on consumers. As you know there’re hypebeast that may know absolutely nothing about a sneaker but because “Supreme” is mentioned they’re a must have! Merging popular brands with familiar silhouettes has been a recurring theme that we’ve gotten used to. Should we expect to see more overly hyped collaborations in 2016?


 Analyzing the kinds of brands that collaborate with major sneaker companies they all share a common trait. The entity, artist, or brands each has a large pool of followers that show unrelenting patronage. Popularity pulls in bank, meaning people will pay for what they like or what's familiar. Combined with the idea that most of the collaborations are limited, consumers feel inclined to spend more money on these drops. Adding the finishing touches on an already established release, collaborations appeal to the masses. Merging the best in one product is a sure way to generate demand. It’s unlikely we’ll see a decrease in collaborative efforts in 2016.





 In 2015 we were given more collaborations from music industry talents than ever before. Reebok in particular boasted a collab with west coast talent, Kendrick Lamar. While the Reebok Ventilator is a classic shoe with a large appeal, never has their resale value been double their original price. Ultimately Kendrick Lamar’s name was responsible for the increased demand and subsequent price increase. We’ve all witnessed the impact of Kanye’s Yeezy Season on Adidas. Sure the Yeezy Boost 350 may be a direct spinoff of the Nike Roshe Run, but Kanye’s branding overshadows the obvious. Whether you’re a fan of Adidas or not, you can’t deny the impact of collaborations in the sneaker world.


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