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Beware of the Bots

Posted by Katie Danzer on

  Trying to imagine life without internet access is like living in a world with no sunshine. The invention of new apps, along with an enhanced online marketplace, have revamped the traditional shopping experience. The sneaker community in particular has been greatly affected by online releases. While this sounds convenient, it should be noted that the technological era tends to spawn new problems. Capitalists have discovered an unfair approach to manipulating online releases. Their approach; Sneaker Bots.


In case you’r not familiar Sneaker Bots allow items to be added to your cart almost instantaneously. Long gone are the days of camping outside, forced to withstand nature’s fury. While online releases from retailers create a new dynamic for copping kicks, Sneaker Bots leaves no chance for the average clicker.


In the past the overuse of sneaker bots has caused Nike to cancel many of their online releases. Recent online releases of Air Jordan I, V, and XX have been protected from the dominating effects of sneaker bots. This dilemma is a growing problem that had even been addressed at one point. Nike attempted to combat Sneaker Bots by releasing sizes via raffle systems. For a while online raffles slowed the use of the bots, restoring the integrity of cyber releases. However, The Air Jordan 11 72-10, having originally been subjected to a raffle system, will now be released on a first come first serve basis. More simply put, unless you deploy a Sneaker Bot on launch day you’ll have no chance of securing a pair manually. Sadly, this has become a growing reality in the sneaker world. Is it more practical to take the risk and pay for a Sneaker Bot rather than stomach reseller prices? These are the decisions that avid Sneakerheads are faced with in 2015.


Nearly everyone has at least considered getting a sneaker bot, but it just seems too easy. How could something so readily available be that effective? Whatever the case may be, it’ll be fascinating to see which direction the sneaker game heads in 2016.


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