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5 Best Halloween Themed or Colored Kicks

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Halloween is one of those special "holidays." Although you don't get the day off, the day is often spent with others while enjoying the chance to get dressed and to be someone/something else. Halloween is often associated with the colors of Autumn. Orange, black, and brown will be the theme for the best Halloween kicks ever to drop. Of course it's more than just colors, we can take concepts too! Follow the list and let us know what you think:

5. Jordan 1 Shattered Backboards

From an Air Jordan standpoint, these were differnt. Orange colored Jordans don't usually release (unless they're a Knicks related colorway) and if they do, they don't usually bang (pun intednded). Well Michael wore an orange uniform in an exhibition game when he shattered the backboard with his thunderous slam.

4. Nike Dunk SB "Flash"

If you didn't want these at one point in time, we question your taste and sneaker game. The Dunk SB "Flash" were one of those simple colorways that were expensive because they were OG. These were one of the first to drop (October, 2002).

3. Nike Dunk SB "Dia de los Muertos"

Another OG classic. These are the opposite of simple though. The DOTD actually refers to the Mexican tradition of honoring past loved ones more than Halloween but they dropped during this time and the colors match.

2. Nike Kobe 8 "BHM"

The Kobe 8s are one of Kobe and Nike's best silhouettes. Throw on a reflective silver tribal print and these are set.

1. Nike Dunk SB "Freddy Krueger"

The Freddy Krueger Dunks featured Freddy's iconic sweater. The red and green pattern is hard to mistake for anything else. Although these didn't drop because of a licensing problem, they are one of the hottest samples from Nike.


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