Tinker Hatfield's Best Creations Ever

Tinker Hatfield is probably the greatest sneaker designers to ever grace the Earth. If you disagree, you obviously have something against Jordan Brand and Nike. Going through his designs and creations, it's hard to narrow it down to such a small number. For that reason, we'll leave the Jordans off the list. From the Jordan 3s to the Jordan 15s, Tinker has practically come up with ever Jordan that the consumers love (XVs being the debatable exception).

The stories and inspirations behind the classics (shoes that are still highly coveted) amaze the sneaker community. For example, around 1990, he saw African tribal art and implemented that design on the Air Jordan 7 tongue; Tinker was a true artist.

Today, Tinker is still assisting Nike and coming up with cunning ways to infuse their technology. While the Jordan XX8s and XX9s were aesthetically pleasing at first, they grew on consumers as the technology was too good to pass up. In 2015, while Kobe Bryant may enter his 20th and final season, rumors circulate that Tinker will lead on the Kobe XI project. While there's no official news, we have to wait and see.


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