6 Sneakers to Wear with Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is here - the one time a year adults get to act like children and dress up as their favorite characters. Whether you are a store bought or handmade costume wearer, there is always a piece of the costume that goes over looked – the shoes. We have compiled a list of popular 2018 Halloween costume ideas, with the perfect pair of corresponding shoes. So, if you have found yourself wondering, “What sneakers should I wear to complete Black Panther costume?” keep on reading!


Boss Ross

The man. The myth. The legend. The painter. Bob Ross in the recent years has made quite the comeback. Despite being off air for 20 plus years, "The Joy of Painting" has found its new home with cult classic fans, and casual Netflix viewers alike.

To recreate Bob’s signature look, you have to have some imagination; as most of the videos are shot waist up, and there are minimal photos of his full body online. However, a man that can pull off blue on blue, would definitively be a secret hype beast that would pay resell for Jordan 4 Levi’s, to complete his whole denim ensemble.

Bob Ross Halloween Costume

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a Halloween staple, and without fail can be found in at least one iteration at any Halloween party. But this year you can stand out from the crowd with some Jordan 8’s Valentine’s Day. The bold red color is identical in color to the boots that Wonder Woman adorns and the high-top look alludes to the footwear armor that she wears in every film.

Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

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Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty. Two names, millions of fans. The simply drawn cartoon characters have grown a fandom seemingly overnight, and Rick makes for the perfect 2018 Halloween costume. The teal shirt, white lab coat, and kakis will identify you as the character almost immediately. So, have some fun with the footwear and toss out the boring brown loafer and opt for a pair of New Balance 577 in brown. Still within the same hue, the New Balance sneakers complete the “nerdy” look while still being trendy and hip.

Rick and Morty Halloween Costume

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As long as Stranger Things keeps making more episodes, Eleven will remain a common go-to Halloween costume. With just a simple pink dress, knee high socks and Eggo waffles you are almost half there. To complete the look, you probably only have to go so far as the bottom of your closet. It is time to rock that old pair of High Top Converse you have had since your early college days. It is ok, you can keep them dirty for now, but at the end of the night when you remember how amazing Converse are again you may want to clean them up with Reshoevn8r Sneaker Laundry System and put them back into your weekly cycle.

Eleven Halloween Costume

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Black Panther

This list would not be complete without Black Panther. With your sleek all black gear, and your just released Nike React Element 55’s in Black and White, you will make Wakanda proud. The black color will seamlessly blend with which ever pair of tight black pants you decide to wear, while the white midsole will certainly catch a few eyes.

Black Panther Halloween Costume

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And lastly, the movie scared us as children returned in 2017 to scare a whole new generation, IT, and the star – Pennywise. This is one of the trickier costumes to make at home, so if you attempt, all props to you. You don’t need the clown shoes to frighten your fellow guest, just shock them when you step inside wearing your pair of Reebok Kamikaze 1 Mids. The black and white lines parallel the ideas of the original costume, while also being a sneaker that you will never want to take off.

Pennywise Halloween Costume

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