Reshoevn8r's New Sole Shields


With Reshoevn8r's laundry system and cleaning solution, you are able to maintain the pristine conditions of the sneakers you adore. Unfortunately, the bottoms will touch the ground, pick up dirt, step on gum, or even drag occasionally. For the careful ones, Reshoevn8r's Sole Shields will save the heartbreak and offer some protection. 

Using a heat gun, apply the Sole Shields to avoid damage to the bottoms of your kicks. Many may say this is redundant but if you paid good money for your beloved kicks, you'd understand.

"Reshoevn8r Sole Shields are made to protect the soles of your favorite kicks and keep your investment in the best shape possible. They are easy to apply and will not leave a unwanted residue like others on the market once removed."


  • 2 sole shields
  • 4 traction pads
  • 2 prep cleaning pads
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Interested but not believing it? Peep our tutorials on applying Sole Shields on the Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 4.