Kevin Garnett Running With Wolves Once Again

The 2015 NBA trade deadline came and went. It was not quiet whatsoever; the last hour intensified with so many players swapping jerseys and receiving new homes. Although, the Minnesota Timberwolves - Brooklyn Nets may seem insignificant to the competitive part of the league, Kevin Garnett is headed back to where he began his career.
Entering the league as a 19 year-old kid directly from high school, he revolutionized the Power Forward position with his style of play. 
From his debut in 1995 until 2001, Garnet rocked Nikes on the hardwood. Garnett then changed brands to street-ball brand “And-1”, rival adidas, and China’s Anta. 
With Garnett returning to the Timberwolves, it may be time for Nike to retro the original signature KG kicks. Obviously Nike cannot reproduce the products under the KG moniker but they can always rename the products. For example, Kobe Bryant began his endorsement career with adidas. He rocked the KB8 when he still sported an afro on his cranium. Today in 2015, adidas still produces the model but under the Crazy 8 name. 
In the 1998-99 season, Kevin Garnett was blessed to receive his own signature sneaker line. He received three models: Nike Air Garnett, Nike Air Flightposite KG, and the Nike Garnett III. These shoes would be a huge hit for those reminiscing the good ol' days especially in the classic Timberwolves colors (Blue, Black, Green, Silver).  Of course Garnett a isn't a fraction of what he used to be. He's in the latter end of his career and is primed to move into the front office upon calling it quits. Until then, it's important for the fans to appreciate the work and development Garnett has put into the NBA over the last 20 years.