Shoe cleaning with the Reshoevn8r

Keeping your kicks clean is a must for today’s youth. Fashion and sports play a huge role in today’s sneaker popularity. Whether your choice is a pair of Vans or pair of J’s, today people are interested in the appearance of their sneakers more then ever. With Reshoevn8rs sneaker cleaning kit, you will have everything you need to rejuvenate, clean, and deodorize all of your favorite kicks. Reshoevn8rs shoe cleaning process is easy, as shown in the video below. First, size and insert your washable shoe trees into shoes, they adjust from size 6-13. Then, you will need a small bowl filled with ¼ to ½ inch of water, put 3 squirts of Reshoevn8r’s Advanced Eco-Friendly Sneaker Cleaning Solution. Next, dip Reshoevn8r brush into cleaning solution and pre-treat any stubborn dirt on shoes. Now, position sneakers soles together and put in Reshoevn8r sneaker laundry bag. Be sure to pull drawstring snug and fasten cord lock (tip: you may want to tie a sailors knot in drawstring). Before placing Reshoevn8r bag in washing machine, make sure cycle is set to COLD water only, add a small amount of your favorite detergent and let the machine do the rest! When wash cycle is finished, remove from machine and let air dry. Do not remove shoe trees until drying process is complete. Reshoevn8r’s Advanced Sneaker Cleaning Solution is derived from all natural oils, enabling it to effectively clean many types of materials and condition leather as well. Reshoevn8r’s shoe cleaning kit has it all, it’s easy, inexpensive, and works amazing!adobe creative suite 6 design standard