Kick Start: How to Wear Your Air Jordan 4s

Last weekend, the Air Jordan 4 Pinnacles dropped. For $400 USD, you can own the luxury pair. The premium full grained leather featured a croc-embossed design and pony hair details. In case you had the moolah to spend, we don't want you to look like a fool. Here are some ideas to wear any of your Jordan 4s.

First off, don't be that person! Avoid being the #NTDenim person. For those who aren't certain, the term describes extremely baggy denim jeans. Baggy jeans has been out of style since the early 2000s so don't try to bring it back.

Keep the pant legs slim and not too skinny. We understand, skinny jeans are uncomfortable but as a sneakerhead it's important for you to be mindful of how you rock your pants with your kicks. Khakis and black pants are always a solid choice. If you hate denim, you can always go with shorts.

Stylish socks are in and although they are 'cool,' avoid going overboard. Depending on our entire outfit, sometimes solid works best. With the extended heel tab, if it bothers you, wear crew socks. Avoid the knee highs and ankle cuts.

Our Favorite Looks on Social Media:
We don't know why this person decided to wear their Toro 4s to the beach but the slim sweats look good.
With its beautiful tongue, showcase it, and tuck your pants behind the tongue.

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Clean and simple.

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Light washed denim is a *insert thumbs up emoji*.